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EV Charging

Here are some of the most common questions about EV chargers.

Trailer Brakes and Bearings

From trailer brakes to wheel bearings, there are plenty of ways that your customer’s trailer can add to the profitability of your operation. 

Electric Vehicles Are Here: BendPak Helps Service Them

The latest BendPak lift systems help technicians safely and efficiently service electric vehicles.

New QuickJack Portable Car Lifts Raise Any Car, SUV Higher

Improved design for home garage, auto repair shop, detailer, mobile service or racetrack.

New, More Comfortable Shop Chair from Vyper

This 100% American-made premium shop chair is designed to be the tough, stable shop chair your body will thank you for.

VIDEO: How To Maximize Online Marketing

Are you maximizing your online marketing efforts? This video is sponsored by the MyPlace4Parts Studio.

VIDEO: Would You Wait In Your Shop?

How welcoming and accommodating is your waiting area? This video is sponsored by the MyPlace4Parts Studio.

VIDEO: Build Customer Relationships Using Shop Software

Doing the little things now to make your customers happy will solidify your relationship and keep them coming back to your shop time and time again. Sponsored by Manager SE from Mitchell1.

MAHLE Service Solutions Introduces ShopPRO Jacks And Lifting Equipment

The ShopPRO product line includes 12 product categories: air lifts, axle jacks, component lifts, engine stands, fluid handling, forklift jacks, service jacks, shop cranes, shop presses, support stands, vehicle lifts and wheel service equipment.

Hunter Introduces Quick ID Vehicle Identification Technology

Quick ID instantly identifies the vehicle’s information including license plate, vehicle identification number (VIN), year, make model and alignment specifications.

Modern Vehicle Diagnosis And Repair

Even with all these modern tools, techniques and scanners, there are still problems that occur because of previous work performed incorrectly. The difference is how the computers in modern cars interpret incorrect parts or faulty workmanship.

New Torque Tools From Dill Air Controls Make TPMS Installation Easier

The new Dill TPMS Torque Tools are designed to easily install the hex nut on the valve stem. The torque values are pre-set, eliminating the need to adjust a torque wrench before and after install, the company says. According to Dill, using the Torque Tools will save the technician time and minimize the chance of an error during the installation process.