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Adjusting Parking Brakes

You should never estimate when it comes to parking brake adjustments.

Brake Tips 2.0

Keep these tips in mind so you don’t get stuck on your next brake job.

VIDEO: Do I Need A Scan Tool To Replace The Rear Brake Pads?

Find out the importance of using the tool to adjust the parking brake after replacement. This video is sponsored by ADVICS.

VIDEO: Rear Rotor Parking Brake Service

Would you replace a drum without changing the shoes? Andrew Markel discusses what must be performed when servicing rear rotors that use a drum in the hat of the rotor. Sponsored by Auto Value and Bumper to Bumper.

Parking Brake Diagnostics

If you are doing a brake job on a vehicle with an electronic parking brake (EPB), you will need a scan tool with the proper software for the parking brake system to retract the calipers, adjust the cables and perform diagnostics.