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Tech Tip: Honda Pilot’s Compressor Clutch Has Taken Off

Owners of Honda Pilots my experience no A/C compressor clutch. The scan tool says A/C off and A/C switch off. There is no air out of the front vents, but the blower motor operates and changes speeds with the front switch. To diagnose this probrlem, ground the blue/red wire at the front blower power transistor and verify the blower motor runs on high speed.Then verify the front blower power transistor ground is good on the black wire – look for 0.05 volts or less to be OK ….

Transmission Service and Clutch Replacement Essentials

You’ve probably all heard of the 15-minute clutch replacement time for a classic Volkswagen Beetle. The “fact” that you could pull the engine, change the clutch parts and reinstall everything with just a penknife and screwdriver and do that on the side of the road. Then there are the tall tales of pulling the engine

A Eulogy to the Overdrive? It is Not Dead Yet

r set for overdrive and a roller clutch to drive the output shaft. The Borg Warner and Doug Nash mechanicals are quite different from the GV overdrive. This is most probably the reason they are no longer in production. The Borg Warner used a shifting a linkage, collar and gear to mechanically connect the input

Automatic Transmissions: From Mechanical to Electronic to Hybrid

A long time ago in a service bay, preventive maintenance for an automatic transmission was an oil change, band and throttle linkage adjustment. The 1960s saw the end of external band adjustments. In the 1970s, the drain plug went away and the pick up screen was replaced with a filter. In the 1980s, a turbo

Mercedes-Benz: Transmission Service and Other Maintenance Essentials

Consistently rated as well engineered and well built, the Mercedes line fills almost every class of vehicle today, from small fuel-efficient people-movers like the Smart Car, to large over-the-road trucks and every niche in between. Our shop performs routine maintenance and more involved repairs on hundreds of Mercedes vehicles every year. Most of the models

Automatic 4WD Hub Replacement

Automatic hubs are used on many 4×4 trucks to disengage the front wheels when four-wheel drive is not needed. Disconnecting the front wheels reduces friction and may improve fuel economy as much as one mile per gallon depending on the vehicle. A one mpg difference may not sound like much, but with gas costing around

Dual Mass Flywheel/Clutch Replacement Options

Dual-mass flywheels are a unique kind of flywheel that have been used on a variety of pickup truck and passenger car applications since the late 1980s. You’ll find them on 1987 Ford F-Series 6.9L diesels, 1987-98 Ford F-Series 7.3L diesels, 1992-1996 Chevy/GMC 6.5L diesel trucks and 1992-02 Chevy/GMC 8.5L diesel trucks. Dual-mass flywheels have also

4WD Clutch Replacement

Here in the upper part of the West Coast, four-wheeling is a very large part of outdoor recreation. Vehicles of all kinds are taken to the forests and mountains every weekend. There are miles and miles of off-road trails, and organized clubs are available for every make, model and size of 4WD vehicle. Toyota trucks

Manual Tranny/Clutches: Pre-Installation Inspections Boost Clutch Performance & Reduce Warranty Claims

Because a good “stick shift” driver can always squeeze a few more miles per gallon out of a manual transmission or otherwise out-perform their automatic transmission counterparts, it’s no wonder that clutch replacements continue to be a good business for most import repair shops. In most cases, a routine clutch replacement requires very little in

Medium-Duty Truck Clutch Repair

What is a medium-duty truck? The industry defines it as a vehicle with a Gross Vehicle Weight of 14,000 to 26,000 lbs. At 14,000 lbs., most heavy-duty one-ton trucks qualify as a medium duty vehicle. In light- and medium-duty trucks, the automatic transmission is ever increasing in popularity and numbers. So why am I talking