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VIDEO: Why Are Ignition Coils Lubricated?

Do you know why Mercedes lubricates their ignition coils at the factory? This video is sponsored by Standard Motor Products.

LUBEGARD Introduces Brand New 2-In-1 Combination Tip

The new 2-in-1 fitting is designed for the Kooler Kleen Transmission Cooler Line Flush product.

Wheel Bearing Design Innovations

Regardless of how the bearing is packaged or designed, all bearing rolling elements are protected by seals.

How Does Lubrication Impact Bearing Functionality?

Contaminants such as water, salt and organic debris can cause wheel bearings to corrode and fail over time.

Podcast: Selecting the Right Engine Oil

This episode covers what auto technicians need to know to select the right engine oil for their customers to ensure optimal efficiency, wear prevention and performance. Lubrizol business manager Martin Birze and PhD chemist Matt Gieselman discuss what to look for in an engine oil and why it’s so important that the right oil is used.

VIDEO: Brake Pad Lubrication

Andrew Markel discusses the importance of proper lubrication on brake pads, including not using too much and correct placement. Sponsored by Auto Value and Bumper to Bumper.

Brake Hardware Lubricant Service

Under extreme braking conditions, some lubricants can’t stand the heat and melt off, evaporate, oxidize or burn. That’s why ordinary, general-purpose chassis grease should never be used for lubricating brake components.

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Water And Debris Cause Bearing Damage

Although inadequate lubrication can be classified into eight basic categories, two of those causes – water contamination and debris contamination – can be particularly attributed to bearing damage. The main common type of bearing damage with moisture/water exposure is rusting, pitting and corrosion – a condition known as “etching.”

Hybrid Fluid Service 101

Does the phrase ­”hybrid fluid maintenance” scare you? It shouldn’t. With more than 3 million hybrids on the road, and many of your customers ­considering purchasing one, servicing hybrid ­vehicles is in your future. Some special procedures must be followed when working on a hybrid.

FRAM Filtration Launches FRAM Pro Series Filter Program For Professional Technicians

FRAM has announced the availability of the new FRAM Pro Series product line, a set of specially designed oil filters that align oil filter selection with the specific oil – conventional, premium conventional and full synthetic – used most frequently by technicians during oil changes.

Champion Racing Oil Announces 2014 ‘ELITE RACER’ Program

Champion Racing Oil has unveiled its 2014 “ELITE RACER” Program, providing support for participants in almost every recognized sanctioned racing event in North America and Canada. The program supports race teams from dirt track to pavement, circle track to drag racing, tractor pull to diesel motorsports, etc. with special pricing, sponsor decals, product support and technical advice.

Quaker State Aspires To Save $1 Million Of Fuel For American And Canadian Drivers

Quaker State recently announced the launch of its Fuel Economy Challenge, the mission to save drivers $1 million of gas in the U.S. and Canada in the coming months. To achieve that goal the Quaker State brand will be offering consumers a comprehensive toolkit of resources including helpful tips and a new product offering providing ways to potentially increase a vehicle’s fuel economy.