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ChrisFix Talks FMSI And New Z Numbers

Friction Materials Standards Institute’s (FMSI) latest addition is its ā€œZā€ number identification.

VIDEO: What Is The Brake Friction Curve?

The curve for different friction compounds can define its application. This video is sponsored by ADVICS.

VIDEO: Brake Pad Pores

Friction coming off of the brake pad is a serious safety concern. This video is sponsored by NRS Brakes.

Brake Pad Wear Patterns: Reading The Brake Pads For Safety And Profit

Before you throw out the old brake pads or order a new set, take a good look at them. Worn brake pads can tell you a lot about the entire brake system and prevent the new pads from suffering the same fate. It can also help you to recommend a brake repair that returns the vehicle to like-new condition.

Brake Noise: Using Engineering Logic To Cure Common Noise Issues

The most important thing to know is that all brakes make noise. When the friction material makes contact with the rotor, it causes the brake pad and rotor to vibrate. The vibration moves the air around and makes noise.

VIDEO: Choosing The Right Brake Friction

Andrew Markel discusses the computations humans make to apply the brakes on a vehicle, and how they can change based on hard or soft pedal, pulsation and vibration, or other factors. Sponsored by NAPA.

Brake Pad Contamination From Friction And Dust

Two forms of brake pad contamination can occur once a brake pad is pressed into a rotor and friction is generated.

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Focus On Brake Friction For Safety

There are no recommended replacement intervals for brake pads because pad life varies widely depending on how a vehicle is driven, the type of brake pads on the vehicle, the driver’s braking habits and even the design of the brake system.