Openbay Introduces New Automotive Service Professional Mobile App For Android
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Openbay Introduces New Automotive Service Professional Mobile App For Android


, an online marketplace for consumer auto repair and provider of SaaS-based software for the auto care industry, has announced the release of Openbay ASP, a new Android mobile app for automotive service professionals.


Openbay ASP allows automotive service professionals to:

  • receive real-time notifications from online consumers in need of repair and service and consumers with connected cars
  • receive detailed information on service requests, type of vehicle/VIN, list of requested services or problem, diagnostic information, and notes from consumer
  • respond with near real-time service quotations
  • manage service appointments
  • improve communication and trust by exchanging photos and videos during service
  • answer questions about service via private communication, including text and email
  • provide consumers with real-time updates on their vehicle during service
  • notify customers when service is complete and vehicle is ready for pickup
  • process consumer service payments on a mobile device
  • access to the Openbay marketplace to increase opportunity to grow revenue

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the largest generation in U.S. history is upon us with more than 90 million millennials of age to own and operate a motor vehicle (born between 1980 and 2000). This modern consumer has grown up in the digital age and has become more accustomed to rapid changes in technology platforms than any prior generation. Advances in mobile technology have led to transformative behavioral changes in the way today’s consumer approaches a purchasing decision. Smartphones play a big role in this change. These devices deliver unlimited and quick access to product and service information, customer reviews, the ability to communicate directly with a retailer and the convenience of executing a purchase in a matter of seconds.


Openbay says new online services are becoming the fabric of the millennials’ daily routine. They are setting the standard for how commerce should be conducted in today’s digital age. How businesses interact with consumers, provide instant and personalized responses during the pre- and post-shopping experience and deliver high-quality service is the new normal.

Next-generation auto care businesses adopting new and innovative online services that naturally weave their way into the natural routine and buying habits of the modern consumer have a significant competitive advantage.

Openbay is one of several companies that offer auto care businesses a marketplace and subscription services to align themselves with the modern consumer’s buying habits and meet expectations of immediate gratification and convenience.


Openbay ASP is a free product for automotive service professionals with an approved Openbay account. Openbay ASP is available immediately for download:

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