New York State Considers Tire Repair Law

New York State Considers Tire Repair Law

Assembly Bill 9683 - the Proper Tire Repair Act - defines the components required to conduct a "proper tire repair," as well as the fundamental process that must be used. Violators would face a $500 fine for each violation.

An RMA-supported tire repair bill was introduced in the New York State Assembly earlier this week, and a companion bill is expected to reach the state senate floor within a few days.

Assembly Bill 9683 – the Proper Tire Repair Act – defines the components required to conduct a "proper tire repair," as well as the fundamental process that must be used. Violators would face a $500 fine for each violation.

The Proper Tire Repair Act was introduced on March 23 by Assemblyman Michael Simanowitz (D-27).

In a statement, the RMA said it “supports this legislation and looks forward to working with the sponsor to advance the bill through the New York Legislature.

“Despite years of education and effort, too many automotive repair outlets continue to perform improper tire repairs that put motorists at greater risk of tire failure. Improperly repaired tires can fail while in service, such as by tread-belt separation, which may result in a vehicle crash and cause serious personal injury or death,” the RMA said.

Both the RMA and TIA have worked together for decades to a proper tire repair standard and offered educational materials to the industry for decades, the association noted. A number of tiremakers, repair product companies and outside parties have also provided educational information and training in efforts to provide tire service technicians with the resources necessary to perform proper tire repairs.

Regardless of how the legislative effort plays out, the RMA said it “will continue to offer tire repair materials to automotive service providers and will work to educate both consumers and service providers about the importance of proper tire repair.”

According to the language of AB 9683, a tire repair would be considered improper if the repaired tire had a tread depth is 2/32-inch or less on any area of the tread; or if there is damage is to a tire sidewall; or the injury extends into the tread shoulder/belt edge area or exceeds 1/4-inch; or if the tire has an existing improper repair; or if attempting to repair the tire would result in an overlap on an existing proper repair.

The bill defines a proper tire repair requires the tire to be demounted from the wheel; is inspected inside and outside to determine the extent of damage; the innerliner is cleaned to remove any contaminants inside the tire; damaged portions of the tire are removed; the innerliner is buffed “to create a smooth and even surface”; and the injury is filled “with a cured rubber stem” and a properly installed tire patch, or a combination plug/patch unit is used.

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