John Gardner And Babcox Media Partner For Video Series

John Gardner And Babcox Media Partner For Video Series

John Gardner produced a series of videos with Babcox Media to give a detailed look into what goes into complex car systems.

We partnered with John Gardner from JohnGardnerTV to put out a series of educational videos hosted in the Babcox Garage Studio to help give our audiences an in-depth look into how complex automotive systems can be.

From brake pads to TPMS to shocks, John Gardner tackles it in this collaborative series. John is an automotive technology instructor at Chipola College. He completed the General Motors ASEP and Associate of Science degree programs at Broward College. He worked several years for General Motors as lead technician. John serves as host of the Advance Auto Parts Automotive System Training, as well as the newly popular “Tech Garage” TV series

John Gardner demoing the effects of friction in “Brake Friction Compounds”

Click on the links below to watch the videos in the series:

Intro Video: John gives a quick rundown on what the video series will cover.

TPMS Tips And Tricks: What TPMS is and the different kinds of sensors it includes

Brake Friction Compounds: Brake pad materials, friction, and wear factors

Brake Pad Diagnostic: The difference between a good brake pad and a bad brake pad as well as how to fix any issues that may be causing wear

Silence Strut And Shock Noise: What makes a smooth ride and a few tips on what might be causing a rough one.

Top Suspension Tips: 101 lesson on suspension and a few tips on how to diagnose an issue

Consulting Customers About Struts: John shows how to communicate with a customer what might be wrong with their shocks and struts

Passive Wheel Speed Sensors: ABS light coming on can be caused by a wheel speed sensor, whether passive or active

Driveline And Wheel End Bearing Tips: Tricks to diagnosing some driveline and wheel end issues

Steering Angle Sensors: John shows off why steering angle sensors are crucial for nearly all automated safety features

ADAS Cameras: What information your car is taking in and why it might be having issues with sensors.

Wrap Up Video: John finishes off the video series

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