Grinding/Rubbing Noise While Braking At Or Below 10 MPH

Grinding/Rubbing Noise While Braking At Or Below 10 MPH

This tech tip involves complaints about brake noise in a Ford Escape Hybrid's system.


2020-2023 Ford Escape Hybrid 2.5 FHEV

Some 2020-2023 Escape hybrid vehicles equipped with a 2.5L full hybrid electric vehicle (FHEV) powertrain and 4WD may exhibit a grinding or rubbing noise while braking at or below 10 mph from the front of the vehicle. 

This may be due to an inadequate gap between the driveshaft and the heat shield. To correct this condition, follow the service procedure to diagnose and position the heat shield away from the driveshaft.


1. Perform a road test and accelerate the vehicle to 20 mph (32 km/h), shift the transmission from drive (D) to neutral (N) and apply the brakes. The grinding or rubbing noise should not be present. Does the vehicle continue exhibiting a grinding or rubbing noise in the right front section of the driveshaft?

-Yes: This article does not apply. Refer to Workshop Manual, Section 100-04 Noise, Vibration and Harshness > Diagnosis and Testing for normal diagnostics.

-No: Proceed to Step 2.

2. Position the vehicle on a hoist.

3. Inspect if the heat shield and the driveshaft have a gap below 25.4 mm (1 inch), or if there are any rubbing marks between the driveshaft and the fasteners.

4. If the gap is below 25.4 mm (1 inch) or if there are any rubbing marks between the driveshaft and the fasteners, position the heat shield away from the driveshaft.

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