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VIDEO: Aluminum Suspension Inspection

In most cases, an aluminum component is as strong or stronger than steel or cast iron. But what sets aluminum apart is how it fails. Most aluminum suspension components are extruded or forged, and in some cases, will be heat-treated. If a component has undergone extreme stress, such as a curb strike, the part will most likely crack and break instead of bend. Andrew Markel has a video introduction in which he answers a reader question about threadlocking compound.

Uncovering The Causes Of Suspension Noise On BMW Vehicles

One of the more difficult aspects of automotive diagnosis and repair is finding and correcting “noises.” Though not all noises come from the suspension, most of the movement in any car that can cause noise is related to the movement of the suspension, or other parts connected to it. Of course, everything is somehow connected to the suspension and from there to the road.

MINI: Electric Hydraulic Pump Failure

While a failed electric hydraulic pump on the 2002-2007 MINI is easy to diagnose, the culprit behind the failure is not. It can be the pump itself or an overheating external fan. Both of these units are located below the exhaust manifold where they are exposed to extreme heat and debris.

Chevrolet Malibu: Fuel Smell and Check Engine Light

What do you do when your Malibu smells like fuel and the check engine light is on? Start with the basics — diagnostic codes don’t always lead right to the faulty part. Follow this Real Fix to see the simple solution to these issues.

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Chrysler: Restricted Turbo Oil Line

Turbochargers on 2003-’09 Chrysler PT Cruiser and 2003-’09 Dodge Neon vehicles have a high failure rate due in part to the routing of the oil feed line. Extreme operating temperatures cause the oil to burn and build up inside the line, resulting in restrictions that effectively starve the turbo for oil.

Aluminum Caliper Corrosion Alert

Starting in about 1997, many automakers began to use aluminum instead of cast iron for their disc brake calipers. Aluminum is 65% lighter than iron, and aluminum forgings and alloys can have the same structural strength as iron components. The automakers liked the weight reduction because it helped boost gas mileage. However, they did not count on the problem posed by galvanic corrosion.

Brake Pulsation: Flange Diagnostics

The hub flange is ground zero for pulsation problems. Runout in the flange will be magnified by the rotor. But, when do you replace a flange, stub axle or an entire hub unit? The answer can be confusing and will take some math and a micrometer.

Snow Tires And TPMS

The time to change to and from summer to winter tires is both a regional and personal decision. Whenever it takes place, a changeover brings with it a need for consumers to make some decisions. The decision to purchase or not purchase a second set of wheels needs to be followed with questions about TPMS sensors.

Dodge Ram 1500 Alignment Spec (2009-2015)

The Dodge Ram might not be the most popular of the full-sized trucks, but it has a loyal following among drivers and fleets. While the basic alignment procedure on this generation of the Ram 1500 is straightforward, the additions of stability control, electric power steering and air ride can make for a complicated alignment.

BRAKELIGHT: November 1941

In the 1940s, a technician could work on most vehicles with a set of tools that could fit in a small tool chest. Sockets and ratchets were cutting-edge innovations, and technicians used combination wrenches on most repairs.

Cadillac Escalade Autoride System

GM’s Autoride comes standard on the Cadillac Escalade and Escalade EXT. Autoride is an electronic suspension control system that independently controls each of the four shock absorbers in order to control the vehicle ride characteristics. The electronic suspension control (ESC) system is capable of making these changes within milliseconds.

Chevrolet Tech Tip: ABS Light On, DTC C1233

Don’t always jump to conclusions. A wheel-speed-sensor-related trouble code does not always mean that the sensor itself is faulty. SureTrack provides multiple possible solutions to one problem. In this situation, the problem is code C1233. Scan over this Real Fix and see if it is the right fix for you.

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