October 2021 Archives - Brake & Front End
Reprogramming ADAS Procedures

As a vehicle ages, the J2534 programming becomes even more important to the vehicle’s ADAS operation.

Subaru Wheel Nut Change For Rust

An anti-rust treatment coating is now applied during the manufacturing process to prevent rust from developing.

Which Wheel Balancer Is Right For Your Shop?

Wheel balancers come in many different types of configurations and performance capabilities.

Don’t Back Down When Recommending Ride Control

Shocks, struts and springs do not operate independently.

Toe Angles and Tie Rods

It is critical to remember that toe is not always zero or straight ahead.

Replacement Parts Quality – Not another rant…

Are replacement parts getting worse? Absolutely NOT.

Steering Angle Sensor Troubleshooting

If the calibration process can’t be completed, it will set a code for the steering angle sensor.

Brake Rotor Quality Check

The brake rotor might look fine, but the problem could be internal.

Automotive Training Options

Understanding how training helps, where you can get it and why It matters.

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