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BRAKELIGHT: Anti-Skid Brakes (April 1972)

Anti-SKID Brakes During World War II, Dunlop developed an anti-lock brake system for high performance aircraft. It was a mechanical system designed to prevent wheel skids when planes landed at high speed on slick runways. In 1958, the first practical automotive ABS system, called Maxaret, was developed by the Road Research Laboratories in Great Britain

Electronic Proportioning Valve: Doing More With Less Hardware

Anti-lock brake systems (ABS) and the HCU are replacing proportioning, combination and other valves to change the braking forces in the front and rear. This is called Electronic Brake Distribution (EBD) and it can dynamically change the proportioning to take into account if the vehicle is turning or is loaded.

NHTSA’s GM Brake Line Corrosion Investigation: Reading Between the Brake Lines

There will be no recalls on some GM vehicles for brake line corrosion. Instead, we received an advisory from the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) about brake line inspection and car washes. What was not discussed was the corrosion prone materials GM and other manufacturers used for brake lines during this period. It

2007-2011 Ford Expedition and Navigator Air Suspension

The Ford Expedition air suspension does more than just lift and raise the vehicle. The system levels the vehicle under loads and when a trailer is attached. The system uses only two air bags on the rear axle unlike previous models with air bags on all four corners. Also, unlike previous Expedition models the rear

BRAKE JOB: 2010-14: Chrysler Sebring/200 + Dodge Avenger

The brakes on the Chrysler Sebring/200 and Dodge Avenger are relatively problem free. There are very noise or pulsation complaints. There are no recalls or specific TSBs for the brakes. Replacing the brake pads and rotors is straightforward. But, care has to be taken to make sure the calipers are free and the rotors are

Alignment Specs: 2002-2011 Toyota Camry

The suspension for the Toyota Camry stayed the same from 2002-2011. The basic platform is easy to service and has no major issues. But, if the toe is adjusted, you must recalibrate the steering angle sensor. To find out if the vehicle has the optional VSC system, a light will illuminate on the dash when