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Can Synthetic Oil Cause An Older Engine To Leak?

One of the greatest service myths is that synthetic motor oil can cause an older or high-mileage engine to leak. There are actually several benefits of using a synthetic oil in an engine that debunk this myth. Those include a quicker engine start time, increased engine protection, longer intervals between oil changes, reduced engine drag

Universal Joints: The Small Parts with Big Importance

When was the last time you took a moment to think about universal joints? Maybe the answer is not recently; perhaps the answer is never. Although universal joints, or u-joints, aren’t the flashiest or most exciting part under a car or truck, they are essential to the reliable and safe functioning of a vehicle. Take

The Importance of Worn Center Bearing Replacement

The center support bearing is a relatively small component in a mid-sized vehicle, yet a properly-functioning bearing is crucial both to consistent overall performance and to avoiding damage to other vehicle components. Possible indications of a failing center bearing should be investigated promptly, and a worn or damaged center bearing must be replaced immediately with

Get the Right Gasket the First Time, Easily and Online

When a car or truck repair is called for, a gasket represents a relatively small expenditure that is nevertheless crucial to the successful outcome of the job. Not only do you want a high-quality gasket for a long-lasting repair, but you also need to be sure that you have exactly the correct gasket for the

Driveshafts: Can 10,000 Applications Really Be Covered By Two Parts?

Shops and part suppliers are always looking for ways to make technicians’ lives a little easier. In recent years, many parts like CV axles, strut/spring assemblies and suspension control arms have been introduced to allow technicians to simply install a complete component instead of repairing parts of the existing assembly. But this parts philosophy does

Summer Time Top-Off Troubles

The next time you get a vehicle in for minor maintenance or the driver wants an inspection because they are taking a summer trip, take a look to see if they are topping off the engine oil or coolant. You might see dribbles of oil around the oil fill or coolant pooling at the top

A guide to replacing a wheel hub flange and bearing

When replacing a press type wheel bearing and hub flange, it’s important that all the wheel-end parts work together properly after reassembly.

In Search of a Good Technician

All too often, an owner’s solution to low production is to hire more people.

Benefits of Using OE-Quality Parts: Part 2

In Part 2, we will focus on how engineering and manufacturing processes differ between premium, OE-quality parts and lower-cost, economy parts, and what those differences mean to you.

Benefits of Using OE-Quality Parts: Part 1

There are a number of factors that can contribute to differences in the quality and reliability of a premium, OE-quality part when compared to an economy part.

Take the Guesswork Out of Uneven Brake Wear

If a customer comes to you with uneven brake wear and you just assume it is a bad caliper and replace it, you may be guessing. Imploded brake hoses and stuck proportioning valves produce hidden symptoms that are not easily diagnosed. 

Why Modern Ignition Systems Require Precious Metal Plugs

Vehicle technology is continually advancing to meet consumer demand for better fuel economy, as well as government requirements for fewer emissions. The result is downsized engines with less displacement for fuel combustion, forcing original equipment manufacturers to design advanced spark plugs using precious metals to improve engine performance and reliability.