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VIDEO: Wheel Bearing Runout

Andrew Markel shows how cleanliness is next to godliness when installing a new rotor on an existing hub and flange on a vehicle. Sponsored by Auto Value and Bumper to Bumper Parts Stores.

VIDEO: Alignment Kits And Net Build Vehicles

Andrew Markel discusses net-build vehicles and how alignment kits are helpful when servicing them.

VIDEO: Modern Air Ride Diagnostics

Andrew Markel shows how servicing air ride has changed over time and what knowledge you will need to better work with modern systems.

VIDEO: Webinar – Top TSBs Of 2016

Andrew Markel introduces a 30-minute webinar on the top TSBs of 2016 and how they can help diagnose vehicles in 2017. Sponsored by Federated Auto Parts.

VIDEO: Tires And Bushing Maintenance

Andrew Markel shows the impact of the change in common tire sizes and its effect on bushing maintenance.

VIDEO: Aluminum Caliper Service

Andrew Markel explains the main things to watch out for when installing or repairing aluminum calipers.

VIDEO: TPMS Relearns

Andrew Markel answers a question from Robert in Maine about why an OBDII relearn procedure is more effective than a procedure from the OE.

VIDEO: Disc Thickness Variation

Andrew Markel goes over the effects of disc thickness variation, where it comes from, and how to diagnose it.

VIDEO: Brake Torque Variation (BTV)

Andrew Markel describes brake torque variation, how it can be caused by customer habits, and how it can be prevented on every brake job.

VIDEO: Brake Shim Science

Andrew Markel shows how brake shims prevent noise and vibration in a brake system and the difference between higher and lower quality parts.

VIDEO: Shock Wear Maintenance

Andrew Markel goes over what can wear out on a shock assembly and why it is important to check the inside of a shock as well as the outside.

VIDEO: Steering Angle Sensors And Jumpstarts

Andrew Markel relates a story from a technician where a jumpstarted car had a miscalibrated steering angle sensor.