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CalPro ADAS Solutions Launches ADAS IdentiScan Product

The product delivers guidance to shops in the estimating and repair process by identifying ADAS and required calibrations.

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CalPro ADAS Solutions has announced the launch of its new ADAS IdentiScan product. The ADAS IdentiScan solution delivers detailed information and guidance to collision shops so they can efficiently and effectively manage the estimation and repair process by identifying the advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) and required calibrations.

“ADAS IdentiScan simply provides the right information, to the right person, at the right time,” said Todd Balan, CEO at CalPro ADAS Solutions. “Customers want to know they are doing business with a reputable shop. Our solution creates upfront credibility with both customers and insurers by delivering the best possible estimate that identifies calibrations as early in the process as possible.”

Benefits that current ADAS IdentiScan customers are already experiencing include:

  • A strong return on investment, as the tool greatly improves a shop’s ability to capture calibration requirements
  • The most thorough and accurate ADAS feature data available in the market
  • An easy and intuitive vehicle inspection and survey wizard which can be completed in under a minute
  • Works effectively across all vehicle manufacturers, while not putting any customer information at risk

For more information on ADAS IdentiScan and CalPro ADAS Solutions, visit

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