Cadillac Announces an Electrified Coupe

Cadillac Announces an Electrified Coupe

Cadillac ELR, the luxury brand's upcoming extended range electric car, will share Volt's powertrain. The ELR will launch as a 2014 model year vehicle, but production will not begin until very late 2013 calendar year, meaning this will be a late arrival for the 2014 model year.

By: Nick Saporito

A few weeks back, GM’s OnStar telematics division accidentally leaked the 2014 GM vehicle roster on their website. Obviously the 2014 roster was a bit early as most of GM’s 2013 models are not even on the streets yet, but nonetheless the OnStar screw-up managed to ignite new speculation about a couple new products.

One such product is the Cadillac ELR, the luxury brand’s upcoming extended range electric car.

In August 2011, Cadillac officially announced plans to produce the Converj Concept car, a small coupe wearing a sexy design theme and the Chevrolet Volt’s extended range electric drive system, Voltec.

The announcement was reluctant on the part of GM, who was forced into making the ELR official after Green Car Reports obtained leaked information about the car’s production plans. Despite the official announcement, few details on the production version have surfaced. Specifically, the timing of the ELR has been kept under tight wraps, until now.

GMI has been able to confirm with product development sources that OnStar’s flub is correct. The ELR will launch as a 2014 model year vehicle, but production will not begin until very late 2013 calendar year, meaning this will be a late arrival for the 2014 model year.

Additionally, GMI has been able to confirm that the ELR will utilize the exact same Voltec powertrain as the Chevrolet Volt.

The Volt is expected to receive several enhancements for the 2014 model year, with those enhancements being carried over to the ELR as well. GMI has not been able to verify the enhancements, however it has been speculated that both Volt and ELR will see larger EV ranges than today’s 30-40 miles.

At the time of publication ELR is expected in coupe form only. Months ago rumors and speculation surfaced about the possibility of other variants, but GMI has confirmed that only the coupe will be produced.

For 2014 model year the ELR will only be sold on the North American market, but expect the ELR to be exported to Europe and China alongside the Volt the following year.

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