Bartec USA's TPMS Desktop 4.0 Features Remote Tool Setup

Bartec USA’s TPMS Desktop 4.0 Features Remote Tool Setup

TPMS Desktop 4.0 offers a consumer-friendly audit report, which will make communicating tire and TPMS information to customers more effective.

Bartec USA announces its latest update to the TPMS Desktop, version 4.0, which includes the brand-new feature Remote Tool Setup. Using the newly released Tech200Pro Tire inspection tool, the front counterperson can remotely preconfigure the Tech200Pro tool with the proper make, model and year settings as the customer’s information is entered. This saves the extra step of having to set up the tool and makes the vehicle inspection process more efficient and accurate.

TPMS Desktop 4.0 also features a brand-new, consumer-friendly audit report. According to Bartec Product Manager Michael Rose, “This new report will make communicating tire and TPMS information to your customers more effective, help keep their vehicles operating safely and even help sell more tires!” The newly developed audit report features all the critical information a consumer needs in order to make a proper decision. The counterperson can easily walk through remaining tread life, tread wear, tire pressure and the state of their TPMS sensors, all in a single document.

TPMS Desktop 4.0 also allows the linking of service reports. In a typical scenario, the Tech200Pro is the front shop inspection tool designed to gather the information from a parking lot inspection. In the back shop there is a Tech400Pro for completing tasks like DTC reading, sensor programming, placard adjustment and system relearns. The information from these two devices can now be seamlessly linked together into a single customer report using the Desktop 4.0.

Visit Bartec at its booths at the SEMA (40186) and AAPEX (1054) shows, where they will be conducting live demonstrations of the Desktop 4.0 as well as a new cloud-based management system, all designed to make your shops more efficient. In the meantime, download Desktop 4.0 at or simply launch the application and update.

Visit Bartec’s website at or call the sales office toll free at 855-877-9732 for additional information.

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