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Editor’s Notes: It’s Your Turn To Cash In

TechShop is now giving you two chances to win some extra spending money.

Editor’s Notes: ‘These Tools Make or Break The Day!’

Celebrating the 5th anniversary of the Top 5 Tools awards.

Editor’s Notes: From the Ground Up

You don’t spend a lot of time thinking about the shop floor, but you do spend a lot of time standing on it! Floor coatings can make the shop not only look cleaner and nicer, but also much easier to stand on all day. These coatings even make it easier to clean up when spills occur.

Editor’s Notes: Success Depends on Open Dialogue

The TechShop team is continuously looking for ways to reach you with the latest equipment, tool and shop supply news and information. Our website — — is always being updated, and our e-newsletter — AutoCarePro:News — delivers the top headlines twice a week, right to your inbox. If you’ve signed up for AutoCarePro:News, you

Editor’s Notes: Out From Behind Our Desks

Business travel in June took the TechShop team to Maryland for the TEDA show, and to Orlando, FL, for both the ISN Tool Dealer Expo and a media event for Ingersoll Rand (IR). When IR was developing its new Hammerhead Impactool, the company engineers and product managers got out from behind their desks and listened

‘New Technology Requires New Testing Technology’

In late April a few other Babcox editors and I took a trip to Chicago to get a hands-on look at Bosch’s new KTS 340, the latest in the company’s series of scan tools. (See the complete news item click here.) While the main focus of the event was on the scan tool, the company

Management: Setting Up a Website for Your Shop

We’ve got one, your competition probably has one, even Danica wants you to have one. So what’s stopping you from getting one? A shop website, that is.