Editor's Notes: Success Depends on Open Dialogue
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Editor’s Notes: Success Depends on Open Dialogue


The TechShop team is continuously looking for ways to reach you with the latest equipment, tool and shop supply news and information. Our website — www.TechShopMag.com — is always being updated, and our e-newsletter — AutoCarePro:News — delivers the top headlines twice a week, right to your inbox.


If you’ve signed up for AutoCarePro:News, you receive the latest articles we’ve posted to our sites (TechShop’s as well as those from Brake & Front End, ImportCar and Underhood Service). (If you haven’t, go to AutoCareProNews.com and enter your e-mail address in the top-right corner.) After each e-newsletter delivery on Tuesday and Thursday, we receive a load of feedback from our readers.

Besides our search capabilities (Looking for an article you read last year? You don’t have to thumb through old issues, just log on to find what you’re looking for.) — the reader feedback is, in my opinion, one of the best parts of our ­online presence.


Much of what we receive is “I hear ya, Mitch” type of letters from shop owners who agree/commiserate with what Babcox contributing writer Mitch Schneider has written. Many readers want to know where to buy a tool, and we put them in touch with the appropriate person.

This feedback form of communication is a great resource to keep us in touch with you, our readers.
Two other resources to communicate are our Facebook and Twitter pages: www.facebook.com/TechShopMag and twitter.com/TechShop_Mag. These sites are updated a few times a week with the latest equipment and tool industry news.


This Editor’s Notes column gives me a forum to communicate with you as well. In the previous issue of TechShop, I talked about “Getting Out from Behind Our Desks” (or out from under cars) and getting out to trade shows to communicate with the manufacturers of the tools and equipment you use and/or need at your shop. Have you done any of that yet? If so, tell us about your experiences.

Another forum for your feedback in this magazine is the Top 5 Favorite Tools section. Technicians and shop owners send us their lists of favorite tools. Have you sent in yours? Your guidance is appreciated by all the other techs who may happen to be searching for the right tool, but not sure which one to pick. Why does a certain scan tool make your job easier? What hand tool is the one you wouldn’t work without?


We reward the manufacturers you choose with a Top 5 ­Favorite Tools award at the end of the year.
We really want to hear from you. It shouldn’t take too long, just your five favorites, including the brand names and a short description of why you like those tools. Include a photo of you and/or your shop, and we’ll publish that as well.

We appreciate the feedback. 

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