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Retrospective: Brake Service In Vintage Hollywood Style

In 1932, our editors made this Hollywood shop a star.

Future Fantasy Not Nearly As Cool As Today’s Technology

Our industry has already seen the future and continues to find real solutions to today’s challenges and to those they’ll be facing soon.

VIDEO: The Importance Of Valve Stem Seals

Doug Kaufman explains what it means when a valve stem seal is damaged. This video is sponsored by MAHLE.

VIDEO: Developing A Business Plan

Do you have a business plan? And if so, do you still use it? This video is sponsored by the MyPlace4Parts Garage Studio.

Not Just Your Average Joe

Joe Sharp was named winner of the 2019 Wix Driving Performance award.

Winter Vehicle Maintenance

For much of the country, winter brings potentially hazardous road conditions – meaning, your shop should be planning now to help your customers safely weather the season.

100 Years And Just Getting Started

In 2020, Babcox Media – the parent corporation of Brake & Front End – will celebrate 100 years of dedication to the automotive industry.

$25 Billion Bounty Puts Hollywood Heists To Shame

The Auto Care Association and IMR Inc. report that in a recent survey, more than 100,000 American households (driving more than 170,000 vehicles) revealed they know that repairs or maintenance need to be performed on their car but have chosen to delay the work.

VIDEO: Build Customer Relationships Using Shop Software

Doing the little things now to make your customers happy will solidify your relationship and keep them coming back to your shop time and time again. Sponsored by Manager SE from Mitchell1.

Dumb Thoughts About Smart Cars

Only 2 percent of accidents are due to vehicle component failure of degradation.

3 Top TPMS Tips

Tips you can implement quickly to increase customer loyalty and improve the overall profitability at your shop.

Torque-To-Yield Suspension Components

Despite what you may believe about the properties of metal, bolts are actually elastic. It’s not quite Stretch Armstrong dramatic, but when you tighten a critical bolt to specs, you’re actually pulling it beyond its original length. Based on the quality of steel used in the fastener, the diameter of the fastener and how far you stretch it, the load or force applied to the joint (the two pieces being fastened together) changes.