Autel's TS900 TPMS Tool

Autel’s TS900 TPMS Tool

The Autel TS900 shines as a full-service and maintenance tool. Sponsored by Autel.

Your TPMS tools could be leaving your technicians in the dark. Small screens, slow processors and even clunky software can be hinderance during service. Also, some TPMS tools are just TPMS tools and nothing more. But, there is something better.

The Autel TS900 is a TPMS tool that is larger, faster and has more memory than the average TPMS tool. Let’s see what it can do on this vehicle for regularly scheduled maintenance, including a tire rotation, oil change and new rear brake pads.

First, we need to address the tires. We are doing a rotation and need to relearn the new positions. The first task is to insert the VCMI. I know what you are thinking: Why do you need to plug into the OBDII port for a TPMS relearn? By inserting the VCMI, you are finding out the vehicle’s make, model and year. This can save time and improve accuracy.

With this information, the TS900 will find the correct relearn procedure, even if it does not use the OBDII port for the procedure. You can also manually input the VIN, or you can use the camera to take a picture of the license plate to input the VIN and vehicle information. Once the vehicle information is selected, the tool will display the TPMS menu.

Let’s get started. On this vehicle, there are several ways to relearn the positions of the tires. Automatic Relearn requires driving to complete. For some vehicle models, the Automatic Relearn procedures can be completed directly by driving. In contrast, for some vehicle models, you must follow the on-screen Learning Process Guide to let the vehicle enter the Automatic Relearn mode before driving.

The next option is an OBD Relearn, which is completed via the OBD diagnostic function without needing to drive, and the relearn procedures are basically the same for different models. Thus, we highly recommend you use this efficient and time-saving relearn method. The OBD Relearn function allows the TS900 tablet to directly write the TPMS sensor IDs into the TPMS module.

Stationary Relearn can be completed without relying on driving and OBD diagnostics. To activate this mode, it is usually necessary to perform a series of operations to let the vehicle enter the relearn mode first, then use TPMS tools to perform activation or deflation to complete the relearn. The Stationary Relearn operation procedures vary by vehicle model. We detected that the left rear sensor has a low battery with the tool. We recommended that the sensor should be replaced.

We can also perform TPMS diagnostics using the TS900. The diagnostic button has automated the tests to retrieve DTCs from the TPMS module as well as the identification numbers for the sensors on the vehicle. The next button at the top of the screen, labeled Programming, can offer you several ways to program the sensor and vehicle. The first way is to copy the sensor using the OBDII connection. Even if the sensor is no longer transmitting, the TS900 can read the sensor’s ID from the TPMS control module.

The tool can then program the new sensor with the old sensor ID number. The second option is to create and program a new sensor ID to the vehicle. The TS900 harnesses the power of the Autel MX Sensor. The MX Sensor is a programmable universal TPMS sensor that covers 315MHz and 433MHz frequency ranges with just one sensor. The MX-Sensor also has a Bluetooth version of the sensor for Tesla vehicles.

The next task on the work order is the oil change. The TS900 can reset the oil life monitor or turn off the maintenance-required light. On those rear brakes, the TS900 is able to retract the piston into the rear calipers. The software offers almost 40 service and maintenance tasks. Techs just need to autovin the vehicle, select the service task from the service menu and be brought right to the desired function—no need to route around the control unit systems to locate a service function.

The TS900 is a fully functional scan tool able to perform diagnostics. An entry-level tech can read and erase codes, view Freeze Frame and view and graph Live Data. Technicians can perform bi-directional Active Tests and Special functions. The TS900 Offers Pre and Post scan reporting. Reports can be shared or printed via Wi-Fi. When it comes time to upgrade your TPMS tool, Pick a tool that can do TPMS better and can do even more for maintenance and service. Choose the Autel TS900.

This video is sponsored by Autel.

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