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VIDEO: ADAS Technology Will Affect Your Alignment Techniques

What should you look for with ADAS-equipped vehicles? This video presented by Hunter Engineering.


As long-time customers continue to buy new vehicles, your attention to service is more critical than ever to maintain driver/service provider relationships.

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What should you pay attention to when pulling that next new vehicle into the alignment bay?

External inspections can show what features the vehicle has so you know how it will be serviced.

Internally, look for indicators, switches or lights to determine what ADAS features are present.

When on the alignment rack, look for vehicle updates or resets that are required by the OE. Always document these resets for the customer’s records.

Hunter trainer Dave Fox and Andrew Markel of Babcox Media discuss how to handle a vehicle that comes into the shop that has advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS), particularly when it comes to an alignment. This video is presented by Hunter Engineering.

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