VIDEO: The Benefits Of Service Reminders

VIDEO: The Benefits Of Service Reminders

Service reminders are a device you should have in your toolbox. This video is sponsored by the MyPlace4Parts Studio.

Even the most organized person sometimes misses an appointment – what about the rest of us? People have a lot on their minds right now – your reminders about service might give them a little peace of mind. This video is sponsored by the MyPlace4Parts Studio.

Don’t think of reminders as a nuisance to your customers – they’ll appreciate your thoughtfulness if they receive a reminder from you that it’s time to get their brakes checked, that they need to get that oil change or that it’s time for their 30,000-mile checkup.

Here are five reasons why service reminders are a device you should have in your customer-service toolbox:

Create Repeat Customers

If you know their maintenance schedule, they came to your shop before. So, they like you … and they like that they’re receiving those service reminders. The faster and easier it is to make a maintenance appointment with your shop, the more likely that customer will keep coming back.

Reinforce Your Shop’s Brand

A carefully prepared and planned service reminder is a statement that your business is open and ready to handle any repair. Your business is your brand. Cultivating not only new customers but also taking care of existing customers is critical for successful long-term growth.

It’s a Service

Outside of their home, your customer’s vehicle is the biggest and most important purchase they’ve made. Taking proper care of this purchase isn’t just another appointment on their calendar. It means getting as many miles out of that car as possible while being safe.

Save Your Customer Money

Getting that preventive brake fix is a lot less money for your customer then a new set of rotors. Checking for a leaking hose is a lot more cost-efficient for your customer than a seized, overheated engine.


Properly managed service-reminder programs can drive home that your shop and your team are reliable. It proves you know this customer and that you value the relationship and their car.

Experts say this – your relationship with your customer – is the number 1 reason existing customers will recommend you to their friends and neighbors. You’re someone who can be counted on to be honest and professional. Each time your customer sees your logo – whether it’s in an email, a social media post or a postcard – it reinforces that your shop is a local business they can rely on.

So take some time to craft the ideal message for your shop and your services. Especially right now, your customers will appreciate the security knowing they can count on you.

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