Power Steering Pump Flush And Fill
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VIDEO: Power Steering Pump Flush And Fill

Debris in power steering fluid is the primary cause of power steering system failure. This video is sponsored by CARDONE.


Debris in power steering fluid is the primary cause of power steering system failure. (show vials of clean PS fluid and dirty PS fluid). It travels throughout the entire steering system, eroding sealing surfaces and clogging small passages, leading to expensive repairs. When replacing a power steering component, it’s essential to flush the system, as well as install a CARDONE In-line Power Steering Filter. They feature internal magnetic filtration and have been proven to reduce comebacks and prevent future failures due to contamination.


The compact, sleek unit has been specifically designed for power steering systems and easily fits into tight spaces. This is a big advantage over other filter brands that feature larger, clumsy designs that make installation awkward. The sure-grip barb connection ensures a tight grab on the hose and is guaranteed not to leak.

On the inside, this magnetic mesh filter collects tiny metallic particles and other contaminants down to 190 microns and is removeable for service and easy cleaning (show filter taken apart). The filters are the designed with built-in bypass for continuous flow throughout unit life, but for best performance, we recommend service every 30,000 miles. A service reminder label is included in the package that can be affixed under the hood to alert technicians of its presence.


The original aluminum filter comes in 3 sizes to fit 1/2”, 3/8” and 5/8” hoses, and our plastic filter fits 3/8” hoses providing the same filtration benefits as its aluminum counterpart at a value price.

By installing CARDONE In-line Power Steering Filters, your customers can have peace of mind knowing the steering system will be clear of damaging debris for many miles to come. Thank you for watching and please subscribe to the CARDONE YouTube Channel for more technical automotive content

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