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VIDEO: Methods Of Training

A successful shop should be training for tomorrow. This video is sponsored by BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY.


Do you feel like your shop is doing better today than it did yesterday? If not, you should take a look at your continual training program, so that that tomorrow is brighter than today.

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I’m Doug Kaufman and, yes, unprecedented challenges continue to face our businesses – heck, the world – today. But for those of us lucky enough to work in the automotive industry, we have a chance to help customers feel safe and comfortable in these uncertain times.

Now more than ever, your customers see their personal vehicles as more than just transportation – they are personal safe zones – a refuge from chaos and concern. Expectations of your staff are higher than ever. How are you doing?

Every day in the shop, regardless of job or position, is an opportunity to learn and improve the shop’s operations. Improvement leads to better staff morale, better customer relations, better shop profitability. But improvement requires training. Training that can help augment shop practices and keep you up to date with new tools, techniques and methods for your shop. And with the raise of hybrid and electric vehicles, training is necessary for keeping pace with industry changes and advancements.

Fortunately, the same advancements in technology that you’re trying to keep up with also allow training to be easier and more accessible then every before. Virtual training classes allow your shop to improve and grow without ever having to travel, which is especially important with today’s socially distanced society.  And you may find training companies offer opportunities to attend free training during these financially uncertain times. 


Your training needs may include making sure your team is up-to-speed on the latest technologies and tools such as DVIs, Text to Pay and even online or mobile appointment setting that are intended to strengthen and grow the business. It’s vital to be looking to the future when seeking industry education. A successful shop can’t simply be training for today, you have to be training for tomorrow as well.

Stay abreast of industry updates and technician certification to stay competitive and empower your team – for your customers and your business.

I’m Doug Kaufman – thanks for watching.

This video is sponsored by BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY.

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