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Monster Introduces Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

This nylon helmet only weighs 1.09 lbs., causing less neck strain, less muscle fatigue and can be worn for hours at a time.

Lincoln Electric Releases Camouflage Welding Helmet

The VIKING 3350 Born To Weld welding helmet features 4C Lens Technology, which eliminates blur, distortion and eye strain by reducing color saturation in the liquid crystal display, while also providing a consistent shade at any angle, said the company.

Miller Introduces T94 Series Welding Helmets

The T94 Series welding helmets have a chiseled shell design that provides optimal skin coverage and accommodates half-mask respirators. An aluminum heat shield and silver shell reflects heat to keep both lens and operator cooler.

Lincoln Electric Features New VIKING 3350 Hot Rodders Welding Helmet

The helmet’s 4C technology reduces eye strain by minimizing the traditional green coloring in the helmet view screen in both active and inactive states.