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Make Your Work Space a More Productive Space with LED Shop Lights

Is your garage or shop a well-lit work space or more like a dark and spooky dungeon? If it’s the latter, think about how much more productive you’d be with additional shop lighting. You’ll spend less time fishing around for tools or wayward bolts, avoid tripping hazards, and best of all, be able to do

RoboReel POWER Now Bosch Approved

Great Stuff Inc. announces that its RoboReel POWER has been approved by Bosch Dealer Equipment Services and is now available through the industry supplier to GM, Chrysler, Nissan, Infinity, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Subaru, Hyundai, Suzuki, Mitsubishi, Tesla and Volvo.

Flood The Engine With Light From Streamlight’s Stinger Lite Pipe

The Stinger Lite Pipe work light system features eight high-power LEDs that produce a soft, 220 lumen flood pattern to illuminate your entire work area for 3.25 hours. Its ultra-thin design fits into tight spaces.

Beta Tools Offers Convenient LED Slim Light Bar

The Light Bar comes with a plug for the 12-volt outlet inside the car and it also comes with a plug that has two alligator clips to use on the car battery terminals for working outside the car. Its slim design gives the user access to hard-to-reach areas that traditional lights can’t access.