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DEWALT Launches New 20V MAX* Grease Gun for High-Volume Grease Applications

The variable-speed trigger allows the user to control the amount of grease that is dispensed, which can speed up application time or conserve grease during applications. The grease hose measures 42″ long for easy grease applications in hard-to-reach fittings, and the bright LED light helps to illuminate fittings that are difficult to locate.

Induction Innovations’ MINI-DUCTOR 2 GO Can Go Where No Torch Has Gone Before!

Induction Innovations has re-engineered its flameless torch into the new MINI-DUCTOR 2 GO. Designed to be completely portable, it works with a standard 12-volt battery pack, even runs off a car battery. Leave the generator behind and can take the MINI-DUCTOR 2 GO anywhere you need it — out in the field, across the lot or even out in space!

Astro Pneumatic Introduces ONYX Impact Ratchet Wrench

The “precision forged” ratchet yoke is made of Cr-Mo alloy steel with optimized heat treatment to maintain peak performance and prevent “spreading,” which makes other air ratchets lose power, said the company.