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OTC Offers Ford, Lincoln And Mercury Specialty Tools

The five new specialty tools expand OTC’s portfolio of OEM-level specialty tools.

Arnott Introduces 2 New Air Compressors For Lincoln, Ford And Mercury Applications

Both P-2935 and P-2936 feature a heavy-duty motor, epoxy-coated finish to prevent corrosion, new dryer, intake hose and electrical connector.

Tech Tip: Ford/Lincoln/Mercury Transmission Fluid Leak

Follow these tips to diagnose and fix a transmission fluid leak on several Ford, Lincoln and Mercury models. The first step is to remove the LH halfshaft and inspect the halfshaft journal surface finish.

Transmission leak
Ford: Shudder on Acceleration/Deceleration, Binding on Slow Turns

Models Ford: 1997­-2008 Expedition, Explorer; 2006­-’08 F-­150; 2007-­’08 Explorer Sport Trac Lincoln: 1998­-2008 Navigator; 2003-­’05 Aviator Mercury: 2005­-’08 Mountaineer Issue Various 1997-2008 vehicles equipped with either 4WD or AWD and equipped with control trac may exhibit a shudder on acceleration/deceleration, binding in slow speed turns or noise from the front driveline and/or transfer case. The shudder/binding will occur with

0-Lincoln SHUDDER ON ACCELERATION MotoLogic fig 1-001