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Electric Vehicles Are Here: BendPak Helps Service Them

The latest BendPak lift systems help technicians safely and efficiently service electric vehicles.

New QuickJack Portable Car Lifts Raise Any Car, SUV Higher

Improved design for home garage, auto repair shop, detailer, mobile service or racetrack.

Repair VS. Replace: Your Checklist For Tire Equipment

Use this checklist as a guide next time you need to determine if you should repair or replace your tire service equipment.

Hofmann Offers geoliner 320 Portable Imaging Wheel Aligner

This new design enables a high-quality alignment system to be added in bays that previously couldn’t accommodate conventional imaging alignment systems.

Hunter Engineering Showcases WinAlign 15.0 Software

In addition to a mechanical alignment, manufacturer’s specifications often require a Safety System Alignment. Hunter’s WinAlign 15.0 makes it easy to align a vehicle’s advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), says the company.