Sustainable Packaging

Sustainable Packaging

Changes such as how a product is packaged can add significant reductions in CO2 emissions. Sponsored by Continental.

Sustainability is about taking small steps to achieve the larger goal of reducing emissions that adversely impact the environment.

Changes such as how a product is packaged can add up to significant reductions in material usage as well as CO2 emissions. Collectively, if we commit to the small steps, we can have a significant impact on the global environment.

A notable example of sustainability in action is Continental’s Timing Belt Kit program and the reduction of paper used to print installation instructions that went into each of its kits.

Previously, each timing belt kit included several pages of instruction to support technicians with the proper installation of the parts within the kit. Depending on the kit, there could be dozens of pages covering multiple applications. Going forward, Continental is replacing paper instructions with online instructions, reducing the amount of paper in each kit.

Accessible through Continental’s online catalog at, or even faster by simply scanning the QR code on the box top, technicians will have immediate access to installation instructions for the specific vehicle make, model and year being worked on, free of charge, without having to register.

The result is far less paper, while still providing all the necessary information and instructions needed to do the job right. It’s these types of efforts that save our natural resources and have a positive impact on the environment, without compromising customer and market expectations.

This video is sponsored by Continental.

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