Powerful DynoMax Ultra Flo Performance Exhaust System Now Available For 2015 Ford F-150 Trucks

Powerful DynoMax Ultra Flo Performance Exhaust System Now Available For 2015 Ford F-150 Trucks

DynomaxAvailable now at performance retailers nationwide, the new DynoMax performance exhaust system for 2015 Ford F-150 3.5L V6/5.0L V8 trucks offers a combination of powerful performance and a smooth, deep tone. The new system improves horsepower by 16 and adds 19-ft. lbs. of torque, said the company.

Each cat-back, single exhaust system includes a stainless steel DynoMax Ultra Flo welded muffler. This muffler is a stainless steel, fully welded design that has straight-through internal piping to help provide unrestricted exhaust flow and reduced backpressure. Each Ultra Flo welded muffler includes Continuous Roving Fiberglass (CRF) technology that helps to absorb unwanted interior drone while providing a rich, throaty performance sound.

The new stainless steel system (p/n 39508) includes a buffed and polished 4-inch outlet, single wall, buffed and polished 12-inch slant cut tip and 3-inch mandrel bent, stainless steel piping. The exhaust system fits extended cab short bed and crew cab short bed Ford F-150 models.

All necessary hangers, clamps and hardware are inside each kit. Every DynoMax system includes detailed, full-color instructions for fast and easy installation.

An exclusive 90-day Performance and Sound Guarantee lets consumers try the system for 90 days, and if unsatisfied, consumers can return the product within 90 days for a full refund of its purchase price. The system is covered by a DynoMax Limited Lifetime Warranty. To learn more about these DynoMax offers and additional restrictions, visit www.DynoMax.com.

For more information about the new DynoMax exhaust systems, Ultra Flo welded mufflers or other performance exhaust components, visit www.DynoMax.com, call 1-734-384-7806 or contact your nearest DynoMax supplier. For the name and location of your nearest DynoMax retailer, visit the “Where to Buy” tab on www.DynoMax.com.

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