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Mevotech Introduces Supreme Outer Tie Rod Ends

Mevotech now offers complete front-end coverage for the 2018 and newer Honda Accord within the Supreme line.


Mevotech, a North American market leader in the engineering, design and manufacture of driveline, steering and suspension aftermarket parts, announced today the availability of Supreme front outer tie rod ends (MS60668/MS60669).


Mevotech Supreme front outer tie rod ends MS60668 and MS60669 feature greaseable self-lubricating sintered metal bearings for enhanced part service life. They also feature an increased part forging providing additional assembly strength; while a wider diameter wrench flat and included hardware assists the Professional Technician during installation.

Complete Front End Coverage for Late Model Honda Accord

Mevotech now offers complete front-end coverage for the 2018 and newer Honda Accord within the Supreme line. This latest release rounds out other available first-to-markets for this platform, including; front lower control arm assemblies, inner tie rod ends and front stabilizer bar links.


For steering and suspension repair solutions, Professional Technicians can now choose from the full Supreme line for the over 4 million+ 2018 and newer Honda Accord and applicable Acura vehicles in the United States and Canada.

Supreme Chassis and Control Arms also feature:

• Greaseable self-lubricating sintered metal bearings
• Application-specific ball studs with added material
• Thicker forged construction
• Anti-corrosion coatings
• Hardware and pre-installed components for quicker fitting
• Install Aids included in the box

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