Ignition Coils

Ignition Coils

Some OE coils have design flaws. This video is sponsored by Standard.


Einstein defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. So, why is it that when an ignition coil fails, some technicians look to replace it with an OE coil? While many OE parts are great, we all know that several OE coils have design flaws that can lead to overheating, moisture intrusion and premature coil failure.  

Instead of using the same part that just failed, give your customers something more– an alternative that includes multiple upgrades over the OE design for a more durable ignition coil. Standard and Blue Streak’s engineering team evaluates the original part, identifies root causes of failure and corrects those problems to deliver a better-performing and longer-lasting Coil. These improvements can include additional bobbins, which allow the Coil to run cooler, and improved seals to prevent moisture intrusion. 

All Standard and Blue Streak ignition coils are subjected to rigorous examination and product validation and comprehensive durability testing that takes place in the lab and on vehicles. This helps to ensures that Standard and Blue Streak Ignition Coils will perform in all conditions at every RPM and last.  

Standard’s Ignition Coil Program features a variety of coil types to fit many applications. The Coils are expertly designed, engineered and manufactured at SMP’s IATF 16949-certified Poland facility. Standard® and Blue Streak ignition coils are trusted by professional techs as a superior alternative to the original coil.  

To help you better maintain your customers’ vehicles, Blue Streak® offers many popular Ignition Coils in prepackaged kits. These kits include a matched set of Blue Streak® Heavier-Duty Ignition Coils and are available for many import and domestic cars, trucks and SUVs. Best of all, Blue Streak ignition coils are backed by a limited lifetime warranty for added confidence for you and your customer. 

This video is sponsored by Standard.

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