GEARWRENCH Expands Torque Tool Selection, Support

GEARWRENCH Expands Torque Tool Selection, Support

GEARWRENCH is adding 185 new products including mechanical and electronic torque wrenches and screwdrivers.

Technicians invest heavily in their tools to help make a name for themselves as professionals in their field. GEARWRENCH is rewarding that investment by not just providing the highest quality torque tools available, but by offering customer support and a warranty program that meets those same standards.

The GEARWRENCH torque product offering is adding 185 new products across three platforms: mechanical torque wrenches (MTWs), electronic torque wrenches (ETWs) and screwdrivers. The only thing more impressive than the expansion is the innovation that goes into improving the most common problem areas: accuracy, durability, accessibility and ease of use, the company said.

Electronic | The ETW category continues to be the fastest growing category in torque wrenches. GEARWRENCH is adding 3/4-in. and 1-in. drive options to its core line (+/-2% accuracy), but the showstopper is the new E-Spec. Designed for pros in the MRO, assembly and aerospace industries, the E-Spec achieves a +/-1.5% accuracy and 1.5% angle measure accuracy. Its software interface means performance and usage data can be tracked easily for the most demanding jobs.

Mechanical | As the original innovator of “clicker-style” MTWs, GEARWRENCH is adding 1-in.-drive options to its core lineup and flex-head options to its industry standard-breaking 120XP lineup. The entire category achieves unmatched accuracy (+/-3%), exceeding ASME standards (4%). These high tooth-count ratchets provide impressive access, with 120XP models requiring a swing arc of just 3 degrees. All-steel construction delivers the superior durability professional users need.

Screwdrivers | Quality in the small-torque market has been suspect at best, but GEARWENCH torque screwdrivers are here to change all that. With +/-6% accuracy that meets ANSI requirements, quick-change bit holders, and laser-etched markings, these torque screwdrivers separate themselves from the competition with superior versatility, comfort and affordability.

As if the tools weren’t enough, GEARWRENCH is backing them up with the best warranty on the market, a calibration and repair customer support program, and a series of torque training videos online.

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