Gabriel Creates Light Vehicle Part Search for Smartphones

Gabriel Creates Light Vehicle Part Search for Smartphones

Gabriel has announced the launch of its all-new Mobile Part Search available on most smartphones through its website.

Gabriel has announced the launch of its all-new Mobile Part Search available on most smartphones through its website at

"Our mobile part search is just another way Gabriel is able to provide customers with the most current information where they need it, when they need it, that only a leader in the marketplace has the knowledge, experience and drive to supply,” said Lisa Bahash, president and CEO Gabriel (Ride Control LLC).  

The Gabriel Part Search is available by going to from a smartphone. The website, sensing that it is being accessed from a smartphone, automatically pulls up the Gabriel Light Vehicle Part Search, which has been optimized for viewability and usage ease for all iPhone, newer Blackberry and Droid platforms, the company says.

The mobile search works identically to the full website search, allowing the customer to seek parts by year, make, model and engine or by specific part number. With the first click, results and photos appear, which scroll through premium product, followed by "best, better and good" options. Parts for the front of the vehicle list first and those for the rear follow. With a second click on the selected item, a detailed product description with specifications appears.

For additional questions, the tool also links customers to a Gabriel Answerman line with a click for one-on-one answers and solutions. The Gabriel Answerman technicians personally fit-test every new Gabriel design on the same vehicle application for which the designs were created, then ride-test the designs on U.S. roads, the company adds.
“Certainly, our company founder, Claude Foster, would not believe how far we’ve come since 1907 when he invented the first automotive shock absorber, but he’d be thrilled that we’re providing content and information in this way," said Bahash.

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