DeWalt Launches Line of Residential Level 2 EV Chargers

DeWalt Launches Line of Residential Level 2 EV Chargers

The line includes portable chargers and wall-mounted units, along with a variety of adapters and mounting brackets.

DeWalt has launched a new line of residential Level 2 electric vehicle (EV) chargers, responding to the increasing demand for efficient home charging solutions. This line, which was developed over two years, includes options ranging from portable chargers to wall-mounted units, along with a variety of adapters and mounting brackets, the company said.

The DeWalt EV charger line features a range of outputs from 12 to 48 amps, offering up to 46 miles per hour of charge depending on the model. The chargers are designed with a NEMA 4X outdoor rating, ensuring durability and performance.

The portable units come in 16 and 32 amp versions, while wall-mounted options are available in 40 and 48 amps. These chargers are designed to cater to a wide array of electric vehicles, not limited to popular models like Tesla, but also including newer entries into the market like the Ford F150 Lightning and Rivian.

A key feature of the DeWalt EV Charger line is the DeWalt EV charger app. This free smartphone application provides Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity, allowing users to start, stop, and monitor charging sessions, manage energy usage, and schedule charging during off-peak electricity rates for cost savings.

Seffi Janowski, CEO of Paragon Group USA, a DeWalt licensee, said, “Our goal at Paragon Group USA is to provide cutting-edge solutions that meet the evolving needs of electric vehicle drivers. With the introduction of DeWalt electric vehicle chargers, we are addressing the rising demand for reliable charging options that offer convenience, speed, and safety.”

The app’s cost monitoring feature gives users real-time expenditure information per charge and the flexibility to adjust the charging level to save costs. This feature aims to prevent unexpected spikes in electric bills. The chargers also come with over 10 advanced safety features, including protections against various electrical issues and fireproofing.

These Level 2 EV chargers from DeWalt are available at The Home Depot and

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