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What To Know About Modern Air Ride Systems

The most important thing to remember about a modern air suspension system is that it has different modes that adapt to the driving conditions and vehicle dynamics. Almost all four-corner systems will lower the ride height at highway speeds to increase fuel economy and improve handling. Some SUVs will increase ride height as requested or in response to increased wheel displacement and wheel slippage at certain speeds. Some systems may open up the valving and even disconnect a sway bar link on some BMW and Jeep models.

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The Case for On-Car Wheel Balancing and Wheel-to-Hub Indexing

Off-car wheel balancers do an excellent job of measuring dynamic unbalance — static and couple — and many also measure tire/wheel uniformity, radial runout or calculate radial force variation (RFV) to help eliminate vibration and verify the assembly is balanced and round when rolling. However, two problematic assumptions are made with off-car balancers: 1. That

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Is Replacing Wheel Bearings in Pairs Ethical?­

Replacing wheel bearings on both sides of a vehicle used to be standard procedure as it was economical insurance against a comeback. In those days, a set of bearings and races could be purchased under $5 a side, including the seal. A technician worth his salt could install and adjust a set of bearings in

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10 Alignment Tips – See Beyond the Angles

1. Talk to the driver. Always ask questions at the time the vehicle is written up. Find out why customers think they need an alignment. 2. Take notes. Nothing is worse than a repair order that just says “perform alignment” or “needs alignment.” Notes on the repair order can prevent comebacks that stem from a

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