Jacki Lutz, Author at Brake & Front End
Communicating The Effectiveness Of TPMS

A good angle to start with may be laying out the consequences of not having a working TPMS.

Charging For TPMS Service

Like any other product or service, charging for a TPMS service can be a bit of a science.

TPMS Tips To Keep The Tire Light Off

There are a few key things to always check first to save yourself and your customer some time.

3 Simple Steps To Selling More TPMS

It is safe to assume that by the time your customer gets to your shop with a TPMS light on, they are already frustrated and stressed – frustrated that there is a warning light on their dashboard that they don’t recognize and stressed that they don’t know what it will cost or how long it will take to fix it. From the very first step into your shop, your team has a lot of damage control to do. Here are three small things your team can implement today to ensure a positive TPMS service experience that will equate to more TPMS sales.