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Edward Sunkin has been the editor of Underhood Service since April of 1999. He has been a member of the Babcox family of automotive aftermarket publications beginning in December 1994, when he joined the jobber/parts specialist magazine Counterman as an associate editor. Edward also spent three years as managing editor Engine Builder, learning about the

Directions: Internet Parts Ordering Is on the Rise

Over the last few years, we’ve seen a resurgence in the business side of the Internet, making it a valuable business tool in the automotive repair shop. Looking back from the late 1990s through 2001, shops were flooded by Internet sites promising to “revolutionize the aftermarket” and the way independent repair shops do business. Help

Directions: Caution — Dangerous Precedent Ahead

A case had been shaping up in New York last month that could have set a dangerous precedent for the vehicle repair industry. In a scary move, prosecutors in Wampsville, NY, last year filed homicide charges against a muffler shop manager who inspected a car just days before it hit and killed an 8-year-old girl.

Renewable Fuel to Get You On the Road Again

Lying in bed last month about 1:30 a.m. while listening to one of my favorite radio talk show programs, “Coast To Coast A.M. with Art Bell,” I heard the distinct voice of country legend and environmentalist Willie Nelson who was touting his biodiesel fuel brand and his biodiesel-fueled tour bus. According to Nelson, just by

A/C Update: Expect Refrigerant Prices to Have Chilling Affect on Your Customers

Well, it seems expected higher fuel prices (national gasoline prices set a record average high in March) won’t be the only bee in the bonnet of drivers this summer. If their vehicles need A/C service, car owners may get charged up over the higher refrigerant costs, too. Obviously, the fault is not yours – the

More Vans May Be Cruising Back on the Roads

In a recent news article by Associated Press writer John Porretto, General Motors Corp. and nearly two dozen outfitters plan to spend more than $2 million in an effort to revive demand for big, souped-up conversion vans. No longer decorated with beads and shag carpeting, conversion vans have evolved into sophisticated vehicles for families and

Tuning into Specialty Niche Markets

If you are thinking of expanding your shop to include restoration, performance modifications or even customizing ‹ now may be the time. There are plenty of niche market opportunities for your shop to go along with your regular business, provided there is an interest by you and your team. If you, the shop’s decision maker,

Detouring Comebacks

se, how you handle (or prevent) a comeback becomes even more important to the success of your shop. Go ahead ‹ ask yourself, “Am I allowing comebacks at my shop to get out of hand?” First, don’t be discouraged. There will always be some comebacks. According to one shop owner, you can expect about a

Getting the Industry Energized for a New Year

An event in early October excited environmentalists and proponents of new vehicle technology (myself included), when Shell Hydrogen opened the country’s first combined hydrogen/gasoline station in North America. Located in northeast Washington, D.C., the hydrogen dispenser at the Shell retail gasoline station will service a fleet of six fuel cell vehicles from General Motors Corp.,

Don’t Be in the Dark About Vehicle Lighting Issues

With Daylight Saving Time (DST) taking effect at the end of October in most of the U.S., darkness falls a little sooner. However, with less light comes more opportunity for your shop. In my opinion, vehicle lighting is an overlooked service. While driving, I often notice many vehicles that have lighting systems that are not

2004 Underhood Service Repair Market Industry Profile

Welcome to the 2004 Underhood Service Repair Market Industry Profile, our in-depth report of the independent automotive repair market. Our profile below highlights many elements that are a part of doing business in today’s repair shops. The information presented is a good indicator to make short-term predictions about these independent automotive repair shops. It’s also

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