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Autel and MOTOR TruSpeed: Consistently Effective Repairs

Be effective, not efficient, the father of modern management theory, Peter Drucker, once said. He defined efficiency as accomplishing a task with the least amount of resources, such as time and effort, and effectiveness as choosing the right task to achieve with the desired goal defined and clearly visible. When Autel partnered with MOTOR Information

Buying Your Next Diagnostic Tablet

When you last invested in a diagnostic tablet for your shop, did you consider it a potential gateway to increased revenue? Probably not. It’s likely you viewed it as a necessary expense to keep your business running. However, as the saying goes, opportunities are everywhere; the key is to recognize them. Autel’s MaxiSYS tablets are

In Praise of the Humble 12-Volt Battery 

The automotive industry is abuzz with news about battery advances. That is when it comes to those batteries used in electric vehicles. With traction batteries boasting 800 and even 900 volts, those advances are impressive, but also remarkable is how the 12-volt battery has evolved to support the power-draining safety and convenience features and fuel-