Winning The Customer Care Game

Winning The Customer Care Game

Putting customer care first can have a measurable impact on your bottom line.

In an industry that continues to accelerate, professional basketball teams aren’t the only ones who can benefit from a high-octane offense. The validation of a team effort spent working “on” one’s business, a high-octane offense can increase market visibility, elevate customer engagement and trust, boost profits and secure future business. 

Take Goodyear’s announcement of its plan to acquire Cooper Tire. If you peel back the financial and shareholder value layers surrounding a deal of this magnitude, you find something more at the core of this transaction. It was touted by company executives as a move with strong and immediate returns, based on compelling strategic logic that combines two complementary brand portfolios. Looking deeper, there are synergies from the two combined forces resulting in an elevated value proposition for customers through enhanced levels of service, said company officials, based on it being a good cultural fit.

Translating this to your business operations, people do business with people who have similar values and beliefs and with whom they can relate and trust—and this has implications all along the distribution channel. In fact, Don Foshay, owner of Don Foshay’s Discount Tire & Alignment, who has been a Cooper dealer for more than three decades, says his allegiance to the brand runs deep. Why is that? “It’s the family atmosphere and past commitment to the independent dealer. They have been more than a supplier over the years,” explains Foshay, who has six retail stores and a wholesale operation. “Those are some of the reasons we have been a Cooper dealer for over 30 years.” Since the day the first Cooper-branded tire was made in 1920, the tiremaker had a reputation for taking care of its employees — and with a similar philosophy at his business, Foshay says he values being aligned with Cooper.

So, think about what your team is conveying to customers and prospects at all touch points, and through their messaging and outreach. When you put customer care at the forefront of your high-octane offense, it can have a measurable impact on your bottom line in delivering exceptional customer service that will produce a constant flow of vehicles coming to your dealership for tire replacements and service. 

People also return for service based on how important they feel during every step of the repair experience. When you go to great lengths to support your value proposition of making the customer experience welcoming and unforgettable every time, the payoff is earning their trust and lasting loyalty. You will differentiate your dealership and secure a committed, satisfied customer base that will return to your dealership with confidence.

So, remember, a solid value proposition brings customers in, but delivering on your promises through exceptional service and customer care will bring them back time and time again. 

Mary DelleValle is editor of Tire Review.

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