White Knight Wheel Accessories Offers Line of TPMS Products

White Knight Wheel Accessories Offers Line of TPMS Products

White Knight Wheel Accessories supply any component needed to properly service a customer's vehicle: replacement sensors (OEM, aftermarket or import), straps and brackets, TPMS valve stems, service kits and diagnostic tools.

It is now mandated that all passenger vehicles and light trucks with a GVW of 10,000 lbs, come equipped with Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS).  White Knight Wheel Accessories supply any component needed to properly service a customer’s vehicle: replacement sensors (OEM, aftermarket or import), straps and brackets, TPMS valve stems, service kits and diagnostic tools.  Tire dealers, repair shops and jobbers will no longer have to refer customers with TPMS needs back to the dealer. Not only will this be a value added service to the customer, but certainly contribute to the shop’s profit increase.

White Knight Wheel Accessories carries a wide range of replacement sensors to fit all passenger vehicles and light trucks.  If the vehicle was originally equipped with a TPMS, we have a replacement sensor. On most applications, we offer the option of an OEM replacement sensor, or aftermarket or import sensor. Both the aftermarket and import sensors are comparable to the OE sensor in form, fit and function. What is not comparable is the price; both are less expensive than the OE sensor. The price advantage for the customer is the import sensor.

We support our customers and as long as they know and feel comfortable with the product; there is no reason it cannot become an additional sale, like lug nuts or wheel weights. For example, there are aftermarket rims where the OE valve stem and sensor will not fit because of the dropwell or valve stem hole placement.  White Knight has the solution for this: we offer a strap kit that bands the sensor to the inside of the wheel. This will equate to additional sales for the customer and save any sale that would have been lost because the OE sensor and valve would not fit. Also packaging TPMS products with aftermarket wheels can increase revenue. We recommend packaging TPMS sensors and strap kits with their wheel packages, along with lug nuts, wheel locks and other accessories.  Indeed, even a relatively smaller item like our service kits can have noticeable impact on profit over the course of time. (It is little-known that shops are required to service the valves on TPMS sensors by replacing the cap, sleeve, grommet/washer and valve core.)

White Knight Wheel Accessories also carries the Bartec Tech 400, which interfaces directly with the vehicle’s on-board computer, making re-setting the TPMS sensors a much easier process. The technicians will no longer have to refer their customer to their competition: the DEALER. With our support and guidance, they can keep all the business for themselves and grow their relationship with their customer.

For those who have little or no experience with TPMS, we provide them with as many resources and assistance.  Our latest resource is an online application guide. If they know the year, make and model of their customer’s vehicle, our online application guide will provide them with the list of TPMS sensors and accessories available for that specific vehicle.

In our constant effort to maintain our assertion that we are your ONE-STOP SOURCE FOR QUALITY WHEEL ACCESSORIES, we are excited to offer to you these TPMS replacement sensors and accessories. With the competitive pricing we will offer you on these products (as well as the competitive pricing on our entire catalogue of wheel accessories), you will experience supplemental revenue and profit.  Indeed, this will allow you to be your customers’ one-stop source as well.

For additional information about products offered by White Knight Wheel Accessories, visit http://www.whtknight.com/.

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