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Volkswagen Tech Tip: Clutch Pedal Not Returning To Position

This tech tip provides some things to consider before unnecessarily replacing hydraulic components on Volkswagen Jetta sedans when diagnosing a customer report that the clutch pedal won’t return to its position.

Model: Jetta Sedan, Manual Transmission Vehicles
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Some things to consider before unnecessarily replacing ­hydraulic components when ­diagnosing a customer report that the clutch pedal won’t ­return to its position.
– Does it occur when moving or ­stationary?
– Does it happen when the vehicle is turning?
– Are the engine/transmission locating dowel pins in place?
– Are the engine/transmission supports aligned and secure?
– Is there anything under the dash interfering with the pedal assembly?
– Does the ambient temperature have any influence on when it occurs?
– Is there any complaint of noise when it occurs?
– Most important of all, can you duplicate the complaint?

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