Tips For Getting Vehicles Out Of Hibernation

VIDEO: Tips For Getting Vehicles Out Of Hibernation

Help keep cars in top condition year-round. This video is sponsored by Auto Value and Bumper to Bumper

With the shift to working remotely and a reduction in driven miles, your customer may be tempted to put one of their vehicles into hibernation for the short-term

Today we’ll cover 5 aspects of hibernation that adversely affect vehicles and what you can do to help your customers keep their cars in top condition.


With today’s vehicles constantly drawing power to their modules a battery can quickly be drained. Without the regular power cycling that occurs during normal driving, the battery will lose its charge and can experience sulfating.  A sulfated battery may not be brought back to life with a charge. Now your customer is looking at an unneeded tow and battery, potentially costing them several hundred dollars. 


While they can be pretty cute to some, these furry little friends can wreak havoc on a car’s electrical system and interior by chewing through the insulation and seat covers. Additionally, they’ll build nests along with storing up their food and could create a whole host of other issues


Like any other component, tires need regular attention. Air loss is one of the most common issues and a tire that is left stationary can develop flat spots. 

Next time the car is driven a vibration may be present. In extreme cases, the flat spots may not go away when the vehicle is put back into service. In turn, a new set of rubber may be required.


The seals on a vehicle are not meant to sit dry for long periods of time. A seal that hasn’t been in service can fail, and depending on the location of the seal failure, could cause hundreds to thousands of dollars in repairs that could have been prevented by regular use.


Even the best grade of fuel can break down in short order. Are your customers aware that fuel can develop gummy deposits that will given time, cause fuel system issues like sticky injectors and seized fuel pumps?

Your role as a service provider is to share the benefits of regular visits to your shop. Advise them on the importance of consistent service intervals which includes a full preventive maintenance inspection. By doing so, you’ll help your customer protect their investment and avoid unneeded repairs. This video is sponsored by Auto Value and Bumper to Bumper.

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