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VIDEO: Setting The Air Gap For Wheel Speed Sensors And ABS

You should never remove the wheel speed sensor from a new wheel hub. Here’s why. This video is sponsored by GMB.


I’ve got two related questions, but they’re about hub units, and ABS. The first question is, do I have to replace the entire hub unit if I’m getting a code for an erratic signal?


Well, unfortunately once you’ve ruled out the wiring harness, if there’s an issue with the tone ring or a reluctor ring, the entire hub unit has to be replaced, because there’s no way to service the reluctor ring independently of the wheel speed sensor. So it’s a whole new hub unit.

Another question was, what should I do about the wheel speed sensor, and can I set the air gap with this by just removing this ring? The answer is no. When you receive a brand new hub unit from the factory, or your job or warehouse, you should never ever remove the wheel speed sensor, because the air gap is set at the factory and it’s tested.


If you’re going in here and removing the wheel speed sensor, you’re going to have issues with the air gap and you could have another erratic signal code. So just keep this in mind the next time you’re replacing a hub unit, or going through an abs wheel speed sensor code.

This video is sponsored by GMB.

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