Understanding Customer Clunking And Clicking Complaints

Understanding Customer Clunking And Clicking Complaints

Can Your Techs Diagnose and Repair Modern Axle Complaints?

In this episode of Shop Owner Solutions, Doug Kaufman, editor of Shop Owner Magazine, interviews Miguel Cornejo, product manager for TrakMotive. They discuss the common causes of axle failure, such as road conditions, vehicle modifications, and improper installation. They also emphasize the importance of regular maintenance and inspection to prevent axle failure.

Cornejo explains TrakMotive’s comprehensive range of product lines to cater to different vehicle applications. The XTT line is designed for lifted vehicles and offers increased articulation and durability. The HDX line provides an upgraded OE replacement axle, while the Monobloc line offers a one-piece design for specific applications.

They also discuss the symptoms of axle failure, such as clunking, popping, and vibrations. Cornejo recommends inspecting the axle for torn boots, grease slinging, and damaged clips before installation. He also emphasizes the importance of following proper installation procedures, including torque specifications and avoiding the use of impact tools.

Cornejo advises installers to use the VIN decoder on the TrakMotive website to ensure the correct axle is selected for each vehicle. In addition, he highlights other resources available on the TrakMotive website, including tech bulletins, installation tips and ways to contact the technical team. He encourages installers to reach out to his tech support team for assistance with any questions or issues.

Overall, the episode provides valuable insights into the complexities of diagnosing and repairing CV axle and drive shaft complaints.

This episode of Shop Owner Solutions is sponsored by TrakMotive, a leading global manufacturer of new CV axles, ATV and UTV CV axles, drive shafts and window regulators for automotive and light duty truck applications with a continued focus on meeting or exceeding OE specifications on every product.

For more information, visit trakmotive.com.

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