TPMS Service Tip: Ask the Right Questions

TPMS Service Tip: Ask the Right Questions

John Down TPMS DVT Sensor

If there is one piece of major advice for any tire tech facing a TPMS issue, it would be this: Test before you touch, and document the answers you get. Understanding the potential TPMS land mines can save time and money and eliminate frustrations.

Get answers to these very important questions before tackling any TPMS issue:

• Do I have a TPMS Trigger Tool to diagnose the sensor through the tire?

• Is the light on due to low tire pressure? Check the placard on the door to document born on date and recommended pressure.

• Is the tire leaking?

• Is the valve leaking?

• Is the sensor a one-piece and is the valve molded to the sensor?

• Can I replace the valve components (grommet, hex nut, valve core, valve cap and metal washer) with a specific service kit?

• DO I have the part?

• Is the valve a two-piece sensor (valve separate from the sensor)?

• DO I have the part?

• If the sensor battery is dead and one or more sensors have failed to respond, where can I research the make, model and year of the vehicle to verify the sensor correct part?

• Do I understand the OE relearn process and where to find it for this vehicle?

• Do I have the right tool for the OE relearn, and do I need an OBD attachment to relearn the sensors to the vehicle?

As you can see, there are a lot of moving parts. All of the questions above should be documented and answered before the tire tech begins to tackle any TPMS issue.
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