Top Five Tools

Top Five Tools

Earle Kramer Jr., president
Green Acres Automotive LLC
Perkiomenville, PA

Mac Tools’ Mac Mentor with Lab Scope — This is the best and most efficient scanner I have ever owned.

ALLDATA — This is the most knowledgeable information system I have used.

Smoke Pro Smoke Machine — This machine is cost effective and safe to use.

Blackhawk Stubby Ratchet Wrenches — Good in small areas.

Mac Tools Micro Ratchets — They grab right away.

All of these tools make my job and my son Kevin’s job easier. And, thanks to our Mac Tool rep Brian Lesher, we own them all.

John Miller, president/COO
The Air Shop & Accessories
Santa Ana, CA

Robinair 34700 Recovery/Recycle/Recharge Machine — This older machine is almost bullet-proof, and is simple to diagnose and repair in the event it does malfunction. As with all equipment, maintenance is the key.

Neutronics Ultima ID Refrigerant Identifier is as simple to use and read as they come. It can be used with its 12V attaching cable or as a stand-alone, battery-operated unit. TiF’s ZX-1 Electronic Leak Detector is a very simple and reliable unit, we use it many times a day and have never had a failure with this unit.

ATCO’s 3710-H Crimper W/75046 Air/Hydraulic Pump is a great hose crimper, we have thousands and thousands of hose crimps under our ATCO belts. It has paid for itself many times over.

Lincoln’s SP-100 Mig Welder has done everything we have asked for and has never let us down. It is used daily for compressor mount fabrication as well as for other essential shop needs.

Russ Andrew, ASE
Master Tech, L1, P1, C1
Paso Robles Auto Repair
Paso Robles, CA

I’ve been in business 35 years; here are my top 5 tools:

Power Probe Circuit Tester — I do a lot of electrical diagnosis and repair. I use the Power Probe on every job.

Makita 6907D Cordless 3/8” Impact — If space permits, it’s the first thing I grab.

Snap-on MT2500 Scanner — I have got three scanners in my shop. The MT2500 is the first one I’ll try. Very user friendly.

Quick Draw Coolant Exchange — Coolant exchange is a great value for the customer. This equipment makes it quick and clean. Also saves a lot of mess by removing coolant prior to any cooling system tear down.

White Industries R-134a Air Conditioner Service Center — This equipment has run all day every day for nine A/C seasons and has never let me down.

Brian E. Workman, International Technical Trainer and Consultant
Cottman Transmissions LLC
Horsham, PA

EASE Diagnostic Software for my laptop computer, or — Wireless connectivity, OE-level software with more pids of data, more bi-directional controls and a true global OBD-II accessibility. I have scanned more vehicles for codes and retrieved them when other scan tools could not.

Digital Logic Probe — Just super for checking circuits, powering them up to find opens, using the ground side to command solenoids on/off.

Snap-on Vantage — Powerful tool as a DVOM with a lot of connector views, makes diagnosis easy.

Shop Key and ALLDATA Computer Software — I need a powerful tool for looking up wire diagrams or code information. You can never have enough material on hand.

Zoom Tranx 2000 — When diagnosing transmission problems, this tool allows me to intercept actual signals from the computer to the transmission. This allows me to see if the commands are making it to the unit. It also allows me to take control of the unit and shift it electrically and also control and watch pressure.

And, if you asked for a sixth tool, it would be my pressure gauge set. You just can’t fix cars without these tools.

Herbert “Tres” Meyer
Meyer Automotive
Kalispell, MT

I am a third generation mechanic behind Herb one and two (Dad), hence the nickname Tres — three. Our valley is the gateway to the Glacier National Park area. I moved here 13 years ago from Sacto, CA, where my family had done all their wrenching.

So here are some of my useful tools that come to mind:

AutoXray EZ Scan 5000 — Easily updatable and easy to operate. Performs most of my scan needs.

Rotary SPOA7 Lift — This is one of the most useful tools in my shop. I have used other lift brands and prefer this style with the tip-up pads.

Safety-Kleen E3000 — This cleaner is easy to use and settles the dirt well.

Sureshot Aerosol Sprayer — This jewel has sprayed all manner of fluids and just keeps going. Loves Brakeclean.

Snap-on Wobble Drive Extensions — These extensions have tackled all types of difficult fasteners with no problems or breakage; my hands enjoy this fact.

Paul W. Smith, president
P & A Smith Auto Inc.
Cary, NC

Volvo System Tester Scan Tool by Autodiagnos — We have used this tool several times a day since about 1995 and it has failed only once, due to frayed connectors, which was repaired quickly at the center in Ohio.

Mastertech Scan Tool by Vetronix — We use this tool daily, and it has never failed to give us quick, accurate and compressive data.

4.5” Side Grinder by Milwaukee — I use this tool extensively for hobby work. It has never failed — and it takes a beating. It should have died years ago.

1/4” Variable-Speed Drill by Milwaukee — This drill is used for polishing, rust removal and drilling. It just won’t die.

Transmission Jack by Lincoln — We’ve used this jack for at least 10 years. We replaced the cylinder seals once, and it’s still going.

Scott Hall
PJ Auto
Lansdale, PA

Rotary Lift — Most overlooked tool.
Snap-on Inert Smoke Machine — Finds leaks fast.
Snap-on MODIS — Gotta have it for diagnostics.
Ingersoll Rand Titanium 3/8” and 1/2” Drive Air Guns — Lighter weight, easier on the arms.
Mitchell On Demand — Expensive, but a necessity.

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