Top 5 Tools: Roma Walter Loudermilk, Midas
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Top 5 Tools: Roma Walter Loudermilk, Midas


Roma Walter Loudermilk, manager
Oklahoma City, OK


Relay Shorting Plug Kit from Nu-Di Corp. (P/N 420-221) — These are so cool. They are used to power up circuits without using jumper wires. They are direct fit into the power distribution box and are fused so you don’t have to sweat cooking the wiring if the system has a short. Pop the fuse, no sweat. Jack in another micro fuse and its good as new.

Matco Tools 5” Flush Cut Pliers (P/N PFC5)
— Anyone who has ever reached under a hood or dash and sliced themselves open on a zip tie will love these. They cut the tie so close to the retainer on it that you can’t even feel an edge, without preventing the tie from holding. If everyone used these I’d have a lot less scars on my arms and hands, that’s for sure.


Power Probe III — I use it for diagnosing at least half of the electrical problems in my shop. Everyone that I have ever loaned it to went out and bought one almost immediately. I use it to locate shorts, failed components, poor ground wire connections, and tons of other things. It has revolutionized the way I chase electrical problems. Plus it reads up to 42 volts…How cool is that?

Blackhawk Reversible Ratcheting Wrenches — Why I love these is pretty elementary. They just plain old rock. Sometimes I wonder how I ever worked without them. The guy who came up with the concept should be canonized.

Snap-on Fine Tooth Stubby Flex Head 3/8” Ratchet (P/N FCF936)
— This thing is tiny, but I’m a big guy. I can toss and socket on this thing and give it what-for and it never seems to fail me. In places where normally only a 1/4” ratchet will fit, I can get in there with this thing and pull as hard as I like without the fear of breaking the teeth in the head like I would with a 1/4” drive. Peace of mind means a lot where bashing your knuckles on a cold day is concerned.   

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